Helen Bolger-Harris

Helping Bring Your Authentic Genius To The World

Welcome, my vision is to empower women in business to create balance so they can experience the life they want!

Specifically, I support professional women who have left the corporate world in search of a better lifestyle via their own business, to find success and fulfilment by maximising their business and personal productivity.

Is this you…?

You used to have a team, a budget and systems in your corporate role but now you’re struggling without much of any of these

You’re not sure which tasks should be prioritised and when so you can get real traction in your business

You feel exhausted and stressed from all the demands of building your new(ish) business and you’re working an insane number of hours, which has meant your personal life is suffering.

If so, I can support you to reclaim your time and your energies so you can prioritise what matters most to you – WITHOUT THE GUILT!

I specialise in assisting women with practical strategies for improving their productivity, as well as with developing the right mindset to support these strategies: creating positive beliefs and eliminating limiting ones, such as being too busy and not having enough time.

For many years I’ve studied personal development and I’m a certified Master Life Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. This coupled with a background in the corporate world in staff and project management and quality/service improvement, has given me a strong basis to support entrepreneurial women transform their businesses and their lives.

The Benefits For You

Take Your Productivity & Life to the Next Level 

By working with me, here’s what you’ll achieve

  • increased business growth due to greater productivity
  • clearer priorities
  • effective systems established for getting things done
  • more time and energy
  • less overwhelm and stress
  • more motivation
  • creation of supportive habits at home and at work
  • elimination of procrastination
  • established routines prioritising your self-care
  • enhanced creativity & innovation
  • a renewed focus on your passions and joys
  • clutter banished!
  • removal of any limiting beliefs holding back success in your business and life

In short, your increased productivity will enhance your wealth, health AND your relationships!


Get off the treadmill and transform your life with this program today!

VIP Productivity Breakthrough Experience


In this transformational 1-day individually tailored one-on-one immersive experience I’ll support you to break through any mindset blockages holding you back from creating the life you want in your business and personally, using cutting edge innovative tools and techniques

For a limited time, experience for yourself how things can happen more for you in many ways.

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