You may never have heard of the concept of ‘creative spiritual productivity’ before. And you might be wondering what on earth productivity has to do with being creative or spiritual!

I get that.

As far as I’m aware, this concept in the way that I describe it, is pretty much unique to me. But to me, it makes perfect sense!

I’d love to share with you what I mean…

I started off my business focusing on the traditional ways that productivity is usually thought of – time management, traditional goal setting, and so on. These might be really effective ways to become more productive for lots of people but working in what are often very structured and linear ways don’t suit everyone.

Especially if you’re creative and spiritual!

I came to realise this over many years. I started my career in nursing and then went into the corporate world in project management and quality improvement. Whilst I loved it for a long time in many ways, increasingly I felt that something was missing.

At this time, my spirituality was begging for more expression. And although I’d thought for many years that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body, I grew to realise that I actually did. And my intuition was nudging me too.

To the point where I realised that I had to work in an area that gave these aspects of me a voice, and this was the case with my business too. 

So, after a few years in my business, I began to focus more on serving women in business who considered themselves creative and spiritual, who viewed the world in similar ways to me e.g. getting stuff done with long to-do lists is boring and usually not very successful!

And these sorts of processes often felt soulless – there wasn’t much inspiration or emotion involved. For me, what I did had to have a deeper meaning and my, and others’, emotions had to be considered too.

This is the difference between the ‘doing’ (the usual ways to become productive) and the being’ (the deeper aspects that often meant the doing was going to be sustainable because it focused on inner reflection and managing ourselves, not time). More on this later!

And I knew I could also infuse some fun into productivity too 🙂

Thus, my own evolution with my productivity became the catalyst for my way of serving others.

What a beautiful, soulful win-win!!

Join me in my next blog where I describe in more detail the richness that is creative spiritual productivity.

With Love,

Helen xx



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